Choose your dining room paint colors well, choosing the perfect color dining room is a task in itself. A dining room has to be painted in the right colors else there is a chance that the whole dining experience will be marred. It was believed, when conventional notions of home decor prevailed, that the dining room was not meant to be painted in colors such as red, green, blue or their shades. Basically, the emphasis will not be on bright shades of color but on subtle and delicate shades which will not be difficult to accessorize. Apparently, according to the olden days, the color of the dining room walls would affect the appetite of the diners significantly and the shades that are mentioned were not conducive to appetites at all. Anyhow, it is a well known fact that if a room is painted in a bad manner then the overall decor value of the room decreases significantly.  The color dining room can make or break the entire decor of the room so be a little canny when choosing.

Things to keep in mind when choosing color dining room

Things that should be kept in mind when choosing color dining room are simple points really. For example if you have a large room then you can use whatever color suits your fancy. Now the whole concept of only neutral shades for the dining room and no bright colors is rather passe and everyone is willing to experiment with interesting color combinations. Thus you can use your reds and greens, only ensure that they do not dwarf the room or make it look dark. A small dining room needs to be chosen for more carefully. For a small dining room you can actually just stick to the neutral shades like cream, white and other such colors so that the room does not look too small. It is a good idea to ensure that the other accents of the room are bright, after all color in a dining room is not only lent by the walls. The crockery, table linen and other such items can be responsible for making the room look beautiful and colorful. Dining room paint colors are very different now from what they were a decade ago. Table runners, crockery and napkins, as well as the table cloth can provide a lot of color options.

How to decorate with color dining room

As mentioned before, a large dining room is good to work color dining room with. Color blocking is a very popular trend when it comes to a dining room. This means you can choose more than two colors and use them effectively to make the entire room look colorful.  You can choose contrasting shades like purple and green or yellow and pink to create a feature wall color in a dining room and then you can further accessorize them with bright wall decals, stencils, wall paper or wall art. You can use a slew of the new shades that have come up in the color scheme for dining rooms which include yellow, neon green, orange, red and other such colors, without the fear of making your dining room look dark. Creativity is key here. Popular dining room colors are now about being very bright and exciting and new shades and combinations are constantly being drawn upon for inspiration. Three different walls can be a neutral shade if you are worried about how this new concept will figure in your home, and one wall can be a different bright shade so that it becomes the conversation starter at the dinner table. The world is your oyster with new color dining room options!

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