Having a small bathroom usually needs to be filled with something small. a narrow bathtub can be one of the items that should be included in the list in order to save the space in your small bathroom. having a narrow bathtub seems uninteresting since it means the space you have for soaking is limited. However, there are some ideas that you can apply to make your small bathtub looks attractive. So, having a small bathtub doesnat mean you will have limited decorating ideas since there are many things you can do.

You can add a sense of elongation of your narrow bathtub by installing a linear wall sconce to make the space as if elongated. So, this is a great idea for making your small bathroom looks bigger visually without having to make it cramped. Installing large marble floor in your bathtub area is also useful to make the space larger. Most people think that decorating a small bathroom means that you have to put everything small, but for small bathrooms, installing large tile works well to create a sense of space in your small bathroom. if the bathroom combined with shower area, you can place the bathtub against the wall of the shower and make these two areas in the same color to make an integration so that your bathtub area looks larger visually. In order to maximally use the space of your small bathroom, you can place a towel rack at the end of the narrow bathtub to help you get an accessible way to take your towel. Completing your narrow bathtub with a hand held shower is a nice idea so that you can do soaking and showering at the same time.

From some ideas above, you can decide the most effective idea to decorate your narrow bathtub so that your small bathroom will look bigger visually.

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