Living room is the best gathering place in a house. The living room is for everyone who visit the house. In the living room they can get entertainment which is provided. Living room should be designed well. You have to design the living room to be comfortable for everyone. You and your family do much stuff in the living room. Talking, sharing, watching, playing, joking is some activity you might have in a living room. When designing a living room, you have to consider some things. The things you have to consider are the size and the style of the living room. Make it all matched.

In designing you can get some inspiration from other source such as the internet or the magazine. There are so many home design websites in the internet you can visit to get some inspiration from the article or pictures there. Besides, you can get some inspiration from the house of the celebrity. The celebrity house tends to have a unique design. you can found it on the internet, magazine, and television program. Some celebrity house can be a great inspiration for you to design your house. Let me choose one celebrity that his house you can explore for inspiration, the house is also so inspirational. He is nate berkus. As I know, nate berkus is a host of a talk show program named nate berkus show. So, I guess he is a celebrity. The nate berkus living rooms has its own style of living room. The nate berkus living rooms is so unique. The floorings have the unique checkered black and white colors. He is using the different kind of chairs as the place to sit. There is also a couch. The wall is a plain white. He hangs a painting on the walls and some decorative stuff.

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