Colors represent thousand things when it comes to the home decoration and that is why all the owners of the house carefully choose the right color for every single room within the house, including the living room where family gather, sit together, and talking about something. Well-decorated living room is a must and well-chosen color is part of the plan. All people tend to go with neutral colored living rooms since neutrals are the safest bet not to mention these colors could easily be combined with any other colors come from the furniture and the accessories as well. Yet, there are so many neutral colors to choose from when you want to decorate the living room creating all the hassle to find the right one and that is why I am giving a few ideas of neutral colored living rooms so you could use them as inspirations.

First of all, we have the lavender living room created by DD Allen to provide a sleek design to the Manhattan apartment with smoky lavender neutral bringing the whole refinement and sex appeal. Bella Donna C2-316W is the color used to create this amazing sleek apartment with a smoky lavender gray represents the color of a twilight sky. In order to create the flat-out sophisticated look within the area of the living room, designer uses a sexy, adult Bella Donna color on the parlor floor of a brownstone. He also uses Glass Slipper from Benjamin Moore with a code of 1632 as a backdrop with great grayish blue.

Another neutral color to choose is Benjamin Moore’s Linen White that creates a beautiful ambience within the room although it is a bit cop-out, a decent choice for those who are looking something light and airy, but not stark white. So, what are you waiting for right now?

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