New house ideas 2020 are great fun. They throw out the old and cliched ideas of home decor and bring in new and fun ones which are experimental and out of the box, making sure the house and home is rejuvenated and infuses life, vibrancy, joy and happiness into the entire home. New house ideas 2020 involve reinventing the way the house looks, throwing out the old, the tired and the clutter and bringing in the new and the bright and the colorful.

The first thing that has been reinvented where new house ideas 2020 are concerned is the paint that is used for rooms. Paint schemes are no longer dull and boring, they no longer stick to pastel, cream, beige, light yellow and white. Now paint colors are embracing bright colors which were hitherto thought as anathema for room decor. For example, bright neons, fuchsia pink, electric blue, orange, flaming reds, pinks and other such colors and their shades are very popular now. These colors and their combinations form asthetic color palettes for all kinds of rooms and therefore make the house look bright and inviting. Feature walls, wall decals, wall papers in bright shades and quirky designs and such like are new features of new house ideas 2020 that are fast catching the fancy of home makers and interior decorators alike.

Where furniture is concerned the emphasis is again on space and therefore low lying and minimalist furniture designs is being given a lot of importance where new house ideas 2020 are concerned. Futons, bean bags, low lying chairs with block wood coffee tables, floor cushions and  such like are very popular because they make the rooms look cosy and appealing. Quirky shelves, appropriate lighting, comfy upholstery and snazzy window treatments are other  key elements of new age home decor.

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