Small bathroom floor plans are perfect for you who have small house. If you only have small space to be used as the bathroom you can choose to build small bathroom. The small bathroom plans also called smart and small floor plans. Small bathroom floor plans is about 40 square feet. The facilities included in this small bathroom are only the most important one. You can place the bathtub against the wall. A shower can be put in one side of the bathtub which against the wall. Then beside the bathtub you can put down the toilet.The sink is arranged in front of the wall.

Tips for small bathroom floor plans

With small bathroom floor plans you still have space beside the sink. Here you can hanging a small cabinet to store your stock such as shampoo, soap, tooth brush, etc. If you place a bigger bathroom cabinet you can store your towel too. Some floor plans place the cabinet bellow the sink. May be you like reading while you are at the toilet; a bookshelf is perfect to place near the toilet. Now you can enjoy your time in the toilet and reading your favorite book. To make this small bathroom more efficient you may arrange the plumbing and electricity system in one side. This will help you cut your budget. To make your bathroom more comfortable choose fresh layout so you will not feel your bathroom too ordinary. Do not forget to place the ventilation so the air circulation is good. If you not confident enough to make your own small bathroom floor plans you can ask your designer to help you. They must also have information where you can get low cost amenities but the qualities still good enough. You can also browse information you need in the internet. Internet serves you lot small bathroom floor plans.

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