Organizing small house storage ideas is an easy task. Small houses are always easier to arrange and organize and one should not assume that a small house always means a lot of clutter because you do not know where to put all your belongings. Think about it, if you live in a small house, there are a lot of advantages – you can decorate it to look extremely cozy, warm and welcoming

Take a walk through your home and decide on what you absolutely do not need, what you rarely need, what you occasionally need and what you need on a daily basis. Small house storage ideas involve first clearing your house of junk. Once these are categorized you can start the editing process. Things you might have bought on a whim like an apple corer or a lemon peeler etc. for your kitchen are instances of home equipment and gadgets that are rarely used but fun to buy. However they end up taking up a lot of valuable space and should be given away or packed into shelves. Once you have  collected everything that is not used at all, head for the nearest charity center and donate them or hold a garage sale. This is key when you are looking for small house storage ideas  – removing junk.

Shelves are great options for small house storage ideas because cabinets take up too much space because of their structure. Open shelves can be easily added to existing ones and what is more, you can build them high onto walls for an easy storage option. Small house storage ideas also include adding vertical dividers to kitchen cabinets, easily storing cookie sheets and pot lids, clothing rods in closets, extra shelves above the rods, wire hangers on the insides of the cupboard doors – make these changes to your home if they aren’t there already to facilitate small house storage ideas.

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