The kitchen and dining room can be joined. You can have one room that contains kitchen and dining room. It will be great choice for you that have a small house. You can have the two rooms together. It can be more efficient. After you cook your food, you can directly serve and eat it in the dining table in the dining room. You can design your kitchen and dining room with the same design. The rooms will be blended in. You can have one room with two functions, cooking and dining. From the dining room, you can see the kitchen. Form the kitchen you can see the dining room. There is no wall that separated the rooms.

Do you have a small house? Do not worry; you can still have a larger room with some tricks and tips i can give to you. If you have a small house, you have to have the small kitchen and dining room design too. You have to design the small kitchen and dining room that fits in your small house. The key of making the small room to be larger is the walls. You have to do something with the walls. You can give the right colors and the right accessories. The choices of the furniture are also important. Just choose the small but efficient furniture. For the walls paint color, paint the walls with the light colors. The lighter shades of color will make the small rom seems larger. The position of the small kitchen and dining room design will be very close. You have to make a space for you to getting around there. You can also hang some mirrors on the walls; it is making the small room appeared larger than before. Even though it is just an illusion, but it works really well.

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