For boys, a bedroom is not only a place to rest, study, or play. This is a very sacred place where they can do more than that. They like having their own room their private room where they can think, create, and formulate their ideas. Decorating teenage boys bedroom is different with girls since they tend to be simple. If you are looking for teenage bedroom ideas for boys, then you come to the right place. Here are some ideas for decorating a bedroom for teenage boys.

Actually, there are some styles you can choose to decorate teenage bedroom for boys. It depends on the personal taste of your boys. If your boy is a kind of person who like something modern and stylish, you can create a modern bedroom design as one of the teenage bedroom ideas for boys. Minimalist look will bring a look of an ultra modern. You can let the walls bare in exposed brick. If you want to ad color, choose a solid color to create a modern look for teenagers. Next the bed, you can place a nook such as drums or guitars. The closet in their bedroom should be small and simple. Ask them what they want to store in their closet. You can ask if they want to store only their clothes or with the shoes as well. Adding plants in their bedroom is also a good idea to create a green modern bedroom.

However, the plants should be low maintenance since boys are typically don’t like doing deeper maintenance. Sp, you can choose cactus, fern or rubber tree plant. Another idea is an art space bedroom, Well, most boys like art. So, you can add a mural, design, or picture to the walls in order to add more characters. Other pieces that can be added the artwork are ceiling, counter-tops and closets. You can also discuss it with your boys and find more teenage bedroom ides for boys that depend on their personalities.

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