Is it really hard to find the best paint colors for your home? Too many choices and it makes you confuse? In fact, there are no wrong or right colors. The only thing exist is the harmony. If you can combine the colors perfectly, you will have a heaven in your home.

The key is researching the best paint color that match and looks good for your room. Think the atmosphere you want when you are enjoying activity inside it. Select shades that look fresh, joyful and make you pleased because colors affect the feelings, change the moods, and represent your personality: calm, chilled-out, easy-going, strong or preppy smart person. So what colors?

Pick a paint wheel and find the colors you want to play with. This is effective guide for your decision and could give you clues about the outcome. Colors that are on reverse position of the wheel are colors that contrast, while colors beside each on the wheel are the best matching combination colors.

You can consider light purple or lavender as it has soothing feel and is the best paint color for your bedroom area. Apply rose-colored tone and cherry color to make your room cheerful. Navy blue is also awesome for your bedrooms since it emphasizes harmony sensation, serenity, and calm.

For kitchen, simply you can pick neutral shades to get large and clean effect. For adding bright colors you can consider the burgundy or bright ginger color because these colors will bring smiling and joyful.

Best paint color for your ceiling is simply made from colorful wall paint that mixed white paint. Match it with your wall. Last but not least, you can choose neutral colour like beige, peach, sandy white to make your room look bigger.

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