There are several tips for small kitchens that you might miss it. Does your small kitchen make you feel like you cannot breathe well whenever you enter it? That kind of feeling comes up because of a lot of stuff are in it and they aren’t organized well. However, you know that you don’t have much space left. That is why you get stuck and just let it be as the way it is. Actually the tips for small kitchens might help you in solving the spare space left of your small kitchen, if you can commit yourself that regular arrangement will be done properly. Improper organization can lead to a disorderly kitchen arrangement, which makes you feel sick every time you saw your kitchen room. That feeling surely will ruin your mood in cooking also. It will be worse also if you don’t have responsibility to arrange your small kitchen regularly. To prevent this thing from happening, some tips and ideas can help.

By knowing that small kitchens are nightmares for you if they aren’t organized properly, those small kitchens will bring some difficulties whenever in cleaning time. The limited counter and storage space have proven the problematic issue in cooking and preparing meals. If your kitchen is well organized, however, some of these issues can be eliminated. What you have to do only utilize what you have on hand and also by following these tips for small kitchens.

First, make inventory for seldom-used stuff or kitchen appliance. Sorting out that stuff will help you making new space to spare for another important stuff. Also the unnecessary duplicate items, such as the ice cream scoop, the spatula, and so on. Pick one that you think is your favorite and for another you can keep it to your basement.

Second, consider to have open shelves rather than place everything in your cabinets. This will create bigger effect for your kitchen, especially if you use white paint for the background color. You can put the glasses and plates on it.

Third, you can use wicker basket as another solution for storage. If you are having some wicker baskets that match your kitchen pantry, they actually solve some big problems of small kitchens. Those can be used as the place for onions, spicy and pasta storage. Arrange it into your pantry and you will get those organized.

Fourth, if you want to have a large, spacious refrigerator, then you should think more about that. You can still have the smaller but narrower one which it placed into your wall. So that wouldn’t make your kitchen a cramped room.

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