Kitchen is the room that you use mostly. What does it mean? It means that you go to the kitchen really often. You do so much stuff and have so many reasons to go to the kitchen. One of the reasons you go to the kitchen is to get something to drink. The beverages are took place in the kitchen, that is why when you are thirsty, the kitchen is the best place to go. You have to make your kitchen comfortable for you and the whole family. Design it with the design that is your family feels comfortable with. The design of kitchen is about the whole part of the kitchen, such as the colors, walls, ceilings, furniture, lighting, floors, and so on. In designing, you have to consider everything in the kitchen.

The colors of the kitchen should be bright. The bright colors of a room could extend the energy and spirit of the people inside the room. If the kitchen is too bright, you can add some accent from darker colors. Or, to make it balance you can just the different kind of colors for every part of the kitchens. For example, you paint the light colors for the walls and you pick the dark colors for the floors. The kitchens with dark floors may be a little bit weird. But, when you balance it with the perfect colors, you will get it become unique. The kitchens with dark floors will be suitable for a bright kitchen. Why is that? Because, to balance the dark colors are by matching it with the bright colors. Based on your creativity, you can the perfect combination and you will get the best match for the dark floors. You can just choose the lighter shades of the dark color of the floors to be the other colors in the kitchen.

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