Bathroom is the room to clean your body. So, you should have the clean bathroom. When people in the bathroom with a bathtub and they are taking a bath, they need to be relaxed especially women. Women tend to have a long time in the bathroom taking a bath. Sometimes, they put the therapy fragrant candles to make them relaxed when they are relaxing in the bath tub. Anyway, the design of the bathroom has to be relaxing for everyone who uses it. You have to design the comfortable bathroom. People need to be comfortable when they are in a bathroom. The bathroom is comfortable if it is clean and has a good smell, then the design is fresh. The good bathroom will make the people fresh when they come out from the bathroom.

Do you have a small bathroom?. Or maybe, is it really small? You may have a problem about that. The very small bathroom is the bathroom that is more like powder room. You can still make it functioned like the ordinary bathroom. Here are some ideas for your very small bathroom. First thing you have to do is get rid of the bath tub, do not use it in this size of bathroom. Just use the shower if you want to wash your body. Place the sink beside the toilet on the corner. Install the ceramic tiles on the wall. The ceramics tile should be in the lighter shades of color to make your room appears larger. Put and sticks some mirrors on the walls to make the illusions of space.

If you are still confused about the ideas of very small bathroom. You can get inspirations from the very small bathroom ideas pictures. The bathroom ideas pictures will help you get your ideas. The inspirations you get from the very small bathroom ideas pictures, will be very helpful.

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