Having a particular style for your home must be very pleasing. Deciding what style you want to apply in your house is quite difficult. If you like a classic and luxuirous style of a house, victorian style may be suitable for you. Victorian house is became an expression of social status, aspirations, and character. The victorian house was built with wood, brick, and stone. The design is very respectful of the relationship between house and site. For the bedroom, wallpaper shoul be a small floral designs. Cover the seam over with border paper. For the living rooms the wallpaper shows intricate patterns of vines, scrollworkk and beautiful birds. For the kitchen, paint the wainscoting in an antique green or similar color. victorian decor takes a bit of work to be achieved. But if you love this style it is well worththe effort.

, you may be considering these colors. Deep shades of red, green, and amber, these colors is popular with victorian style house color. but it is according to the designs. The combnation of the coloors with some tones is good to use on the wall, ceiling, moldings, fabrics, and furniture coverings. Less intense color tend to be used for the exterior.

Choosing victorian house colors  is according to its design. But victorian style house tend to use those colors. Every color has its own meanings. Pick a match color with the furniture, decors, and the accessories. If your house has a matching color each other, you will have a beuatiful victorian style house. Victorian style is an old style, it will be better applying old and antique style decors. The best house you will get, if you know what best for your house.

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