If you are one of the people who live in a very cold area, the existence of a heater or furnace will be essential. But sometimes, choosing the one that fits your needs the best is a hard job. Heat pump vs furnace, which one will serve you better? If you have the problem in choosing the one that will fit your needs then it will be good to read down this article. If we want to compare and find the best one for us, there will be a lot of things we should consider. So, let’s roll and find out that!

Let’s get to know to furnace first. Furnaces get your living space warmed by combusting natural gas propane or oil (it will depend on the type of the furnace that you have). While for the heat pump is warming your living space by getting the air or ground outside the home extracted. This is how these two devices work. Now, let’s see the comparison of the operating conditions of these two devices. Just for your information, heat pumps are way more efficient if we compare with the furnace when the temperatures are not too hot or not too cold a.k.a mild. But when the temperature is almost freezing, the heat pumps will not be able to do anything and will not work well.

Now let’s find out about the most important thing, the cost. Heat pumps are considered to cost more for its purchasing as well as installation if it’s compared to furnaces. But besides that, heat pumps can do two functions, not only warming up your living space, it also is able to cooling down it which will result in cutting the expense of buying another cooler/ air conditioner. In the other hand, furnaces are only able to do one function which is warming up the living space. However, since heat pumps can act as two different devices, the cost is higher than furnaces. This is also because heat pumps use electricity for powering itself up.

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