When is it a good time to have a bedroom makeover? Well, when you feel that your bedroom is no longer feeling like a place you feel at home in, a place that is your personal spa, sleep chamber and haven for relaxation. A bedroom is meant to be a space where one goes to simply lie down and relax, drift into another world where are all the harsh realities are just a mere dream. A cluttered, dirty and unkempt bedroom is not such a place and that’s when a bedroom makeover is in the offing.

A bedroom makeover is easy to orchestrate, however, you have to be willing to open your mind and make some necessary, if harsh, changes. For example, it is important that you consider the size of your bedroom and evaluate the furniture in it. You ideally should get rid of any items of furniture that looks too big for your room and causes it to look overcrowded. This means that even if the antique dresser that you love and has sentimental value is too big for your bedroom then you should pack it away in the attic or basement. Ditto for a center table, a wardrobe, even the bed. For a bedroom makeover, if need be, scout for new furniture – or buy old furniture for cheap and refurbish it to suit your needs.

A bedroom makeover also involves giving your bedroom walls a fresh coat of paint – in fact, that is all that could be required to brighten up a tired bedroom – once you paint the walls in new colors and rearrange the furniture, the bedroom will seem as good as new and your bedroom makeover will be done without you having to delve deep into your pocket. Do the same with lights, accessories, upholsteries and window treatments and prepare to sleep in a fantastic new room once you are done.

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